Spinoff Laundry LLC is very happy to offer our valued customers free pickup and delivery laundry services. However, our delivery services are subject to compliance with acceptance of our terms and conditions stated below.

Registration and use of services indicates customers agreement to be bound by our terms and conditions stated herein. (PLEASE READ AGREEMENT)

A Binding Service Agreement between Spinoff Laundry LLC and you (Customer), for weekly, bi-weekly or monthly pick-up and delivery wash/fold laundry services.
These are the terms of services that apply to your laundry service contract: Spinoff will provide scheduled pick-ups and delivery times during the term of the agreement. Spinoff is under no obligation to provide any services to the customer that are not fully paid for by customer in advance. Customer must place all garments in the Spinoff Laundry bags provided by Spinoff at
every pick-up for those customers who are on a monthly plan.

Spinoff requires the customer to complete a form with any special instructions for washing and drying their clothes. Spinoff Laundry will not be responsible for garments that bleeds, shrinks or otherwise changes as a result of normal washing. Spinoff will not be responsible for lost articles, unless proven that Spinoff was responsible.
Not responsible for garments labeled “hand wash” or “dry cleaning only”, it’s the responsibility of the customer to check their garments label before placing them in the laundry bag.

Spinoff will not be responsible for money, jewelry or anything else being left in customers laundry bag, please check before giving laundry.
The customer will have (5) days to notify Spinoff Laundry of any discrepancies that they may have so that the matter can be addressed.

Termination of laundry contract on either party side, meaning Spinoff Laundry or (Customer) needs to be given within 30 days


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